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SaverOne is a technology company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Stock Exchange. SaverOne was founded in 2014 to save lives, inspired by a media story about the impact of distracted driving caused by cell phone use, a phenomenon which dramatically increases the number of deaths and injuries. According to studies, in the U.S. alone the annual cost of car accidents is approx. $300 billion, with 25% of the accidents related to cell phone use while driving. The Company has developed a unique system which provides a solution to the problem of distracted driving caused by cell phone use, which endangers the driver, his/her passengers, other drivers on the road and pedestrians. The Company’s innovative technology prevents driver distraction by blocking access to various apps on the device. The system does not require the driver’s cooperation and creates a quiet and safe driving environment, while the other passengers can continue using their phones normally. With a proven and patent-protected technology, the system is in the initial stages of commercialization. The Company has a professional and experienced technological and management team.




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